I help women overcome feelings of unworthiness and 'not good enough' so they stop sabotaging themselves, reconnect to their inner wisdom and create a life they love.


Hi - I’m Khairun and I work with women who are saying ENOUGH!

ENOUGH! to the self-doubts and fears that hold them back.

ENOUGH! to the limiting beliefs and behaviours that don’t serve them well.

ENOUGH! to that deeply ingrained feeling of being ‘Not Good Enough’ and to the self-sabotage that follows.

I work with women who are saying ENOUGH! to all that stops them from showing up as their true authentic selves and living a life they love.

What do you want to say ENOUGH! to?

What fears, self-doubts and limiting beliefs do you have that hold you back from doing what you want?

What stories do you tell yourself about your own worthiness?

What would be possible if you were to let go of your fears about not being 'good enough'?

Imagine taking your first step on a journey that will transform you!

A journey that will lead you from a place of 'I'm not enough' to a place of inner confidence, a deep sense of your own self-worth and the knowledge that you are enough…just as you are…and just because you are!

A journey of transformation that will start on the inside (what you think, what you believe, what you say to yourself) and change what’s on the outside (what you do, how you live, how you show up in your relationships, both personal and professional).


Are you ready to start your journey? 



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Transformation happens from the inside out!

To change what is going on in our external world, we have to first change what is happening inside us…in our internal world.

As a Transformational Coach I work with you to change your internal landscape...so you can change how you live...do things differently...or do things you've never done before!    

I help shift your mindset...

your beliefs about yourself and others...

the way you see the world...

the stories you tell yourself about what you can and can’t do...

the assumptions you make.

The beliefs we hold in our inner world are often so hardwired and deeply ingrained that we don’t ever question or challenge them…we just accept them.

We accept them as being facts…as being the truth.

Often picked up in our early years, beliefs are installed in our subconscious like a computer programme…running silently in the background, without us taking much notice. When the beliefs are positive or even just neutral, all well and good. But when the beliefs are limiting and unresourceful…they are like a road-block...they stop us getting to where we want to be.

For change to take place, we have to first let go of those beliefs that are limiting us…we have to uninstall the unresourceful programmes running in our brains and install new software. 

I work with you to do just that - uninstall the programmes that are not serving you well and remove the unresourceful beliefs and assumptions that are stopping you from thriving and shining.

And, by introducing new, more resourceful software – a liberating and empowering mindset – I inspire you to embrace new ways of being and doing.



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Khairun helped me silence my negative inner critic and challenge my negative beliefs about myself
— Ruth Geoghegan
Coaching has changed my outlook on life and given me the confidence to confront my fears and do things I had never thought possible
— Haseena Omarshah
Like a dimmer style light switch, I feel that my confidence, abilities and peace of mind have been turned up and I’m at the start of a journey in which I am worthy and capable.
— Natalie Portman



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