Many thanks to you and Haseena for facilitating such an empowering, inspiring and fantastic project. We appreciated your flexibility and understanding with getting the project up and running. Your adaptability and gentle nature shone through and enabled the women to connect to you both and share their stories.

The feedback has been flooding in and the impact of the course has been immense. Women have been left empowered, stronger and at peace in your workshops.

I sincerely hope we can work together either on another run of The Inspiration Tree or another project soon.

Rubana Mukhtar

Operations Manager

Anawim - Women Working Together

I would highly recommend and commend Khairun. I cannot say enough good words, as words do not do justice to the positive impact Khairun has had on my personal and professional development.  

I feel that Khairun has flicked on a light switch in my life, allowing me to see life with more clarity and with a clearer, brighter vision. Like a dimmer style light switch, I feel that my confidence, abilities and peace of mind have been turned up and I’m at the start of a journey in which I feel that I am worthy and capable.

As coach and coachee, we embarked on a partnership - one in which I feel that Khairun gave time, patience, non-judgement, warmth, extensive knowledge and trust. And in return I was asked, but not in an intrusive manner, to delve deep within my thoughts and consciousness, thus revealing parts of myself that I did not know existed, and strengths that I had not acknowledged before.

Before my coaching sessions, I was often feeling anxious and would avoid, for instance, going abroad with my children, thinking of worst case scenarios, rather than what can be gained. Fast forward a few months, and I have been on holiday abroad and I feel at ease a lot more often. If I have anxiety, I know that I have the skills within myself to deal with this, and that it will pass, as everything in life does.

Regarding my work life, I feel that I have found the confidence to be innovative and to offer ideas, without second guessing myself, and know that my voice is valid. I also feel confident in my leadership role, knowing that I have the qualities of a leader, and that all that stands in my way are my own self-limiting beliefs.

The coaching has illuminated my life and I now feel I am clear on my goals and that I have all I need within me to achieve these goals, and I always did, I just didn't realise! 

Natalie Portman

Senior Family Support Practitioner

Spurgeons Children's Charity

I am a Nurse Consultant in a very large NHS Trust. I had a mixture of face to face and telephone coaching sessions with Khairun.

I found the coaching experience with Khairun extremely useful as I was going through a challenging time both in my personal and work life. I knew that I needed something to change in my life, but I did not know what I needed to change and how to go about it. Most importantly, I realised that I lacked the courage to make any changes.

I have been astounded by how the coaching enabled me to develop greater insight into my ‘stuck points’, especially about why I was stuck. It was through my work with Khairun that I was able to identify that I am driven by my personal values and my values are very important to me. I recognised there was a very big dissonance between my personal values and the position I found myself in at work and in my personal life. Realising this was the catalyst I needed to start taking the necessary steps towards change.

Since the coaching, I have taken steps that have been life-enhancing. I have re-organised my finances significantly to enable me to attain my goals. I have applied and been accepted to re-train in a different field of nursing that suits my personal values more.

I found Khairun to be an excellent coach, in that she has a very mature approach, is non-judgemental, incredibly encouraging and supportive. She is also extremely compassionate and at the same time enabling.  

The coaching has been such a positive experience I have been recommending it to my family and friends!

Hildah Jiah

Nurse Consultant  - NHS Trust

Coaching has changed my outlook on life and given me the confidence to confront my fears and do things I had never thought possible. I used to be full of self-doubt and had very low self-esteem. I grew up feeling I wasn’t good enough and everyone else was better than me. This stopped me speaking up and doing some of the things I wanted to do.

I have to admit, when the opportunity to have coaching was first presented to me, I was quite sceptical but figured I had nothing to lose. I knew I wanted to make changes but for some reason could not seem to move forward. 

The coaching sessions with Khairun were invaluable. Coaching helped me realise that it was my own fixed thinking and my beliefs about myself and my life that were holding me back. Khairun helped me explore my mental blocks and opened me up to different ways of looking at things. I started to understand the root of my insecurities and confronted my own thinking head on.

Khairun has a manner that puts people at ease and that helped greatly. I always felt comfortable and encouraged by her and supported too. I came out of each session feeling positive and with a heightened sense of achievement.

Since the coaching, I am more confident and self-assured. I am comfortable in my own skin and believe I am as good as anyone else. And I have done things I would never have imagined doing. I have jointly facilitated a workshop for women on personal development and I am planning more! I have also spoken at the House of Lords as a representative of a UK based charity I volunteered with. Before the coaching I struggled to speak up even in a small group and would feel totally overwhelmed,  so the changes that have happened are massive.

I now have clear goals that I am working towards. Whereas in the past a small setback would leave me feeling disheartened and ready to give up, I can now focus on every little accomplishment and feel positive about that and keep moving forward.

The positive changes are evident to all those who know me, and I will forever be grateful to Khairun for her wisdom, graciousness and support.

Haseena Omarshah

Programme Coordinator


I met Khairun at a time in my life when drastic changes were required in order for me to move forward, develop and grow. Khairun helped me to identify what needed to change. And since then I have been able to break down what felt like mountains into small hills, prioritise these hills and begin climbing.

The very first coaching session helped me to see that my life was different parts linked to each other that had an impact on each other. Some of the insights I developed came as a shock. I realised the impact of a relationship and that in order to make improvements holistically, my most important goal needed to be set around this issue.

I am still on my journey and I can honestly say that without the coaching I would not be where I am today. Khairun helped me to re-evaluate what was important to me and whether I was willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve what I wished to achieve and start becoming the person I want to be.

I had been afraid of becoming my authentic self but the coaching with Khairun has helped me to see that this is now possible.

All the limiting beliefs are disappearing slowly and I am looking forward to the future now.

Thank you Khairun

Cedella Kenyon  

Khairun, your coaching has been instrumental throughout my leadership journey. First and foremost, you provided time and a good listening ear. We developed a relationship of trust and mutual respect. You encouraged me to take the time to reflect, to critically challenge myself and my practice. The coaching provided clarity, direction and motivation. Thank you.  

Gina Graham

Assistant Service Manager


Khairun is warm, genuine and empathetic, with a sense of fun. She has a knack of being able to put people at ease and very skilled in bringing out the best in you.

As confidence and self-esteem were an ongoing issue for me, I chose to focus my sessions with Khairun around this. Khairun helped me silence my negative inner critic and challenge my negative beliefs about myself.

I learnt visualisation and anchoring techniques from Khairun which I used when participating in a one-day professional development course. The course involved a lot of role play and speaking in front of a group, which I was very nervous about. Using the visualisation techniques before the course meant I participated fully in the day and enjoyed every minute of it!

This positive experience made me think about taking on a post graduate course and I discussed this with Khairun as I felt there were many obstacles in my way to achieving this. Khairun helped me consider the issues in a balanced way using a tool called GROW and now I am starting the course in March! I know for certain that having Khairun as a coach enabled me to have the confidence and focus to apply for this course, which before I met Khairun was just a dream. 

Ruth Geoghegan

Senior Young Carers Support Worker

Spurgeons Children's Charity

Khairun is very compassionate and able to coach people in a beautiful and inspirational way. I loved the Enough! workshop and found it very powerful. Meeting other women in a safe space, being able to share without judgement, and just explore my inner beliefs without any expectations or demands from anyone felt liberating. Thank you Khairun!

Hanna Nadershahi

Volunteer Coordinator

Healthwatch Birmingham

I found the ‘Step Forward with Confidence’ workshop incredibly exciting, energising and useful. It helped me create a vision for my future and I am excited about future progress. I loved the visioning exercise. I have never done anything like that before and I could see so totally clearly how I want to be and what I want to do.  And the Vision Board helped me capture this, so I don’t lose focus. Thoroughly loved every moment of it Khairun, thank you.

Sobia Ali

Makeup Maestro

An amazing workshop delivered by Khairun. Thank you for such a positive and beneficial workshop. It has allowed me to reflect on myself as a person and what I will do differently. Looking forward to more workshops!

Sushama Bagha

Spurgeons Children’s Charity

The coaching was the most profound and exhilarating experience. It has been some months now since our sessions Khairun and I have a completely different perspective about myself. I no longer feel unsuccessful. I thank you for releasing me from the shackles of my limiting belief, leaving me to fulfil my dreams that are carved and shaped by me.

Laila Chow

Counsellor and Coach